Concert Review: John Mayer Delivers Stand Out Performance During Long-Awaited Boston Show

John Mayer performs at Boston's TD Garden on April 9th, 2017 (Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up).

John Mayer performed his “Search for Everything Tour” to a sold out TD Garden on Sunday April 9th. Mayer, known for soothing pop rock, gives off a vibe of tranquility that seemed to resonate within the whole arena. He opened the show with “Chapter 1 Full Band,” with songs such as “Moving On and Getting Over,” “Love On the Weekend,” and “I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)” that showed a tender, joyful, and vulnerable side to the singer.  These are all songs off of his most recent album, The Search for Everything, which Mayer is releasing in waves in 2017. It's a unique way to release new music, but much like Mayer’s overall persona, it’s quirky and different from the Mayer that the pubic used to know. During the performances, Mayer played his bass guitar singing each ballad, as if they were his anthems, demonstrating the raw emotion and connection he has to his new music.

John Mayer performs at Boston's TD Garden on April 9th, 2017 (Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up).

“Chapter 2” of his set was titled “Acoustic” and included songs “Emoji of a Wave,” “Neon,” and the crowd pleaser “Free Falling.” “Chapter 3” of the show recognized the trio he is involved in that holds a bluesy rock sound.  The group includes bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Steve Jordan. The three musicians performed “Vultures,” a cover of “Go Johnny Go,” and “Bold As Love.” This chapter also included lengthy instrumental solos, highlighting the raw roots of the group. “Chapter 4 Full Band (Reprise)” followed next with “Changing,” Slow Dancing In A Burning Room,” and “Still Feel Like A Man.” Therefore, the latter chapters contained more of a mix of new and old hits, mixing up the set list to pay attention to The Search for Everything without fulling leaning on it. 

John Mayer took a quick break to recognize his fans and discuss his recovery from the down spiral of his career a few years prior. He took a moment and stated, “Most people realize things, and the train has already left the station, but I've realized things and luckily the train hasn't left quite yet.” He then sang “Why Georgia Why,” breaking out his harmonica and singing “Gravity,” to audience members who knew every single world. These are both staple Mayer hits that round out his long yet successful career, and both hits also delve into the recovery from tough situations. This directly reflects Mayer’s actual life, making them ideal choices to finish out the show. After the song finished, he exited the stage, as the crowd begged him to play one more song.

Mayer returned to the stage for “Chapter 5,” the epilogue. He played piano, whistled, and sang “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me.” When the song was over he took a bow and left through the white door in the white screen. Though Mayer has created his own pitfalls in his career, it seems that his talent and reset mentality has carried him through to a better place, and fans can expect a consistent turnaround from the pop rock crooner in the future.  

Chris Brown Brings the "Party" To Boston

Chris Brown performing at the TD Garden in Boston on April 2nd, 2017 (Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up).

Chris Brown performing at the TD Garden in Boston on April 2nd, 2017 (Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up).

R&B heavyweight Chris Brown brought his much anticipated "Party" tour to Boston's TD Garden Sunday night. 

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Concert Review: Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull Bring Latin Music Party To Boston

Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull perform together in Boston, MA on September 29th, 2014 (Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up).

This past Saturday, Latin Music heavyweights Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias, along with their thousands of fans, descended upon the TD Garden in Boston for their “Enrique & Pitbull” fall tour.

Pitbull, wearing all black, opened the main set with “Don’t Stop The Party,” which was something nobody intended on doing in any case. From the second the Cuban-Amercian rapper took the stage, the crowd went into a dancing frenzy. Pitbull danced his way through the show hit after hit, smoke and lighting special effects in tow. 

Pitbull performs in Boston, MA on September 29th, 2014 (Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up).

Halfway through his performance, it was clear that Pitbull was there for one reason. Saying to the crowd in one of his monologues, “The one thing about music is it’s the universal language.” No matter what everyone race, belief or religion was, he was there to make sure that everyone had a good time. “We’re here to forget all the negative from 2014” the rapper said, and that’s just what he did. The dance-heavy set lasted about an hour and a half, with few slow moments. The sexually driven performance was complimented by his signature dancers, “The Most Bad Ones,” who accompany Pitbull to most of his events. 

Following a veritable storm of confetti, it was time for Enrique Iglesias to take the stage and win over the primarily Latina audience’s hearts.

Enrique’s concerts are something that have to be experienced. Unlike most other artists, the Spanish singer takes time between each song to talk to the audience and get to know them, even jumping off the catwalk to take selfies with screaming fans. And of course, in typical Enrique Iglesias fashion, there was a second stage to where he went halfway through his set. Once there, he took a male fan onstage, where they took pictures, drank rum, and sang “Stand By Me” to the entire audience, taking advantage of the fact that the second stage was closer to the fans in the back. 

Enrique Iglesias performs in Boston, MA on September 29th, 2014 (Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up).

Having released his new album, “Sex And Love,” back in March, it was to be expected that the majority of his set would be full of new music. However, that wasn’t the case. Iglesias took plenty of time to play some of his throwbacks like “Bailamos” and “Be With Me,” along with his newer hits like “Tonight I’m (Loving) You” and “Bailando.”

The real high point of the night didn’t come, though, until the final song of the two sets, Enrique’s hit “I Like It.” Co-headliner Pitbull arose from the stage to lend his voice, and the two danced, hugged, and thanked their fans for coming as a second storm of confetti rained down upon Boston’s TD Garden. 

Due to the incredible talents of Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull, everyone came out to have fun, and nobody left disappointed. As Pitbull said at the beginning of the evening, “music is the universal language,” and everyone was certainly speaking it.

Concert Review (Photos Inside): Avicii At The TD Garden

Wednesday night, Avicii brought his 2014 “#TRUETOUR” to the TD Garden in Boston, and oh was it a party. Over 10,000 teenagers turned out, which unfortunately was the biggest problem of the night.

Music and set-wise, the show was amazing. Not only did the 24 year-old Swedish DJ create seamless mixes between the hottest tracks in the EDM world, but also the stage effects were phenomenal. Each song was accompanied by either smoke, fire, or confetti, which just seemed to increase the crowd's volume.

However, where things took a turn for the worse was with the audience.While it may seem normal to turn up and have a good time while at a concert, these teens seemed a little too “turnt”. While at the show, I witnessed almost ten young concertgoers (likely 15 or 16 years old) being taken to the hospital, perhaps from a drug or alcohol overdose. In fact, it took seven paramedics to restrain this one girl on a stretcher.

At night’s end, over 36 were taken to local hospitals, while over 50 were treated on-site. It’s a shame, because Avicii had a great show for everyone, but seemed to be overshadowed by the "turnt up" teens.

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