Concert Review (Photos Inside): Avicii At The TD Garden

Wednesday night, Avicii brought his 2014 “#TRUETOUR” to the TD Garden in Boston, and oh was it a party. Over 10,000 teenagers turned out, which unfortunately was the biggest problem of the night.

Music and set-wise, the show was amazing. Not only did the 24 year-old Swedish DJ create seamless mixes between the hottest tracks in the EDM world, but also the stage effects were phenomenal. Each song was accompanied by either smoke, fire, or confetti, which just seemed to increase the crowd's volume.

However, where things took a turn for the worse was with the audience.While it may seem normal to turn up and have a good time while at a concert, these teens seemed a little too “turnt”. While at the show, I witnessed almost ten young concertgoers (likely 15 or 16 years old) being taken to the hospital, perhaps from a drug or alcohol overdose. In fact, it took seven paramedics to restrain this one girl on a stretcher.

At night’s end, over 36 were taken to local hospitals, while over 50 were treated on-site. It’s a shame, because Avicii had a great show for everyone, but seemed to be overshadowed by the "turnt up" teens.

See more photos in the gallery below: