Rihanna Gets Close to Drake in "Work" Video


Rihanna and Drake finally released their duo music videos for their song "Work." The link includes two separate music video versions of the hit single, both with one of the artists' particular vibe attached to it. The first video is Rihanna's style filled with a bumping club and a Caribbean vibe relative to her ethnic relationship with the cultural lifestyle. She and Drake have a steamy dancing scene against the wall as fellow dancers work it, twerking and grinding on the dance floor. The next video is evidently relative to Drake's style, as it reflects a similar neon-color theme to his music video for "Hotline Bling." The video only includes Rihanna and Drake, as Rihanna sings and dances, and Drake watches from the couch. The sexy vibe is still prevalent, but the overall theme of the music video fits the rapper, and the first video fits the Barbadian singer. The compliments of each music video to its relative artist creates a cool contrast while still focusing on the single. Ri and Drake - good work.

Album Review: Rihanna's 8th Studio Release "Anti" Provides Refreshing Sound for Fans

Anti album art (Roc Nation).

Rihanna dropped her new album Anti Wednesday evening after a prolonged silence from the music industry since her last album, Unapologetic, was released in 2012. Four years later, Rihanna puts on a strong returning front with her bad-ass feminine persona. Her single off of the album, “Work,” includes rap star Drake. The single has blown up on the charts due to fans’ long awaited anticipation of the album. Anti was originally supposed to be released last November, but the date was evidently pushed into the new year with an undecided exact release date. However, fans should be as satisfied as Adele’s fans were over her final release of 25. Her new music brings the same hardcore taste of the Rihanna we love with some new styles that create a twist to the updated Rihanna 2016. 

One can hear the reggae beat that resonates with her personal identity. “Consideration” includes a lot of dropped beats that create a reggae-esque tone complimentary to day dreamy vibe. It includes a very different sound than “Work” with Drake or “Desperado,” a potential hit to look out for on the album. While “Consideration” seems light and fun, “Desperado” includes a more intense sound that fans are used to hearing and loving from albums such as Rated R. The background sounds are interestingly eerie; her lyrics are enticing; it is everything that fans love about her. In addition, we get the sassy, sexual side of Rihanna in “Yeah, I Said It.” It’s more of a quiet, mellow beat that contrasts the strength of the words in her lyrics. All sides of her artistic identity appear in Anti; however, the new beats are what pushes this album into the 2016 music industry. It stays true to the artist that her fans have grown with through the twenty-first century while still giving something new to an industry forever in need of new creative ability. The Anti era is here. 

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Rihanna embarks on her “Anti World Tour” featuring Travis Scott, Big Sean and more this February. Get your tickets here.