(Listen) New Music: "Bang Bang"- Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

It's finally here- the huge collaboration with Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj! "Bang Bang" will be featured on Jessie J's upcoming album due out this Fall, along with Ariana's new album "My Everything" out August 25th.

Be sure to buy "Bang Bang" on iTunes now.

EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez Answers Our Questions About "A.K.A"

J.Lo performing at Jam'n 94.5's Summer Jam on May 30th, 2014. Credit: Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up

J.Lo performing at Jam'n 94.5's Summer Jam on May 30th, 2014. Credit: Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up

We recently had the chance to ask Jennifer Lopez questions about her upcoming album, "A.K.A" (out June 17th) and more. Check out what she said below:

Q) In your opinion, how does A.K.A compare to your previous albums? What was your inspiration for songs on the album? 

 A) Most of my music has been about love and this album is no different.  My definition of love has changed over the past few years and this album is a reflection of that.  I’ve also always played around with different sounds– everything from pop to hip hop to ballads – and that’s what I also did on this album.

 Q) What's your favorite track off of the album?

A) I can’t choose! I love each of them for specific reasons. “Emotions” is one of my favorite songs on the album. It’s a beautiful love [song] that has a lot of soul and R&B undertones.

J.Lo performing at Jam'n 94.5's Summer Jam on May 30th, 2014. Credit: Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up

J.Lo performing at Jam'n 94.5's Summer Jam on May 30th, 2014. Credit: Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up

Q)Talking about the First Love video out May 29th, what can fans expect? Have you filmed any other videos for the album?

A) We shot First Love in the desert in the middle of a sandstorm with the model David Gandy.  I can honestly say it was one of the most difficult shoots I’ve ever done.   It was crazy!  But worth it because I think it turned out so great and very sexy.  I hope people love it.

Q) What's next after the album? Can we expect an "AKA World Tour"?

A) I’m not sure yet.  Right now I’m focused on releasing the album and doing a lot of live performances for my fans to promote the new music.

Fan question: Which was the easiest song to record off of AKA? Hardest?

A) First Love was probably the easiest, because Max Martin and Savan Kotecha came up with a great concept and when they presented it, I immediately wanted to record the song.  They’re a great team to work with.  I don’t know if I would call it “hard” but I think I went back and forth a lot with “Booty.”  I didn’t know if I would want to record a song with that title, but Diplo made a great beat and my son (Max) loved it, so it got me excited and I knew I had to record it for this album.

Nicki Minaj Debuts First Single Off Upcoming "Pink Print" LP

Attention Barbz! Nicki Minaj released her first new single in over a year, "Pills N Potions", her first single off of her upcoming album "The Pink Print"!

The Young Money-star raps "Pills N Potions/We're overdosing/I'm angry but I still love you". Could this about a previous relationship? Or just something from her past? Regardless, it's refreshing to hear a new rap/hip-hop track with such a deep meaning. Earlier this year, Nicki said in an interview that she will not longer be doing "Super Bass" types of songs (radio geared), and will be focusing on the rap she became famous for, which explains the slower vibe of this one.

Listen to Nicki's new song "Pills N Potions" below:

NEW MUSIC: Mariah Carey feat. Rich Homie Quan- "Thirsty"

4 years after the release of her last album, Mariah Carey is back at it again with a new single off her upcoming NEW album! Dubbed "Thirsty", the hip-hop-heavy track enlists the help of rapper-Rich Homie Quan. Take a listen below:

Mariah Carey's new album, "Me. I Am Mariah", is due out on May 27th.


Credit: Hollywood Records

Credit: Hollywood Records

Rarely does an artist catch our eye like Hollywood Records’ Zendaya has. At the age of only 17, the teen-star has done more than anyone her age could even begin to dream of. She was the star in a major Disney Channel hit show, Shake It Up, was a finalist in the ABC Primetime show Dancing With The Stars, and has already embarked on an extremely promising music career.

Zendaya’s debut single “Replay” was released in July, 2013. The song instantly went into the Top 40, and was pushed to radio stations across the country. “Replay” even went RIAA Certified Platinum in January, 2014. 

Credit: Hollywood Records

Credit: Hollywood Records

Zendaya’s debut album “Zendaya” was released in September of that year, and was well-received by critics and fans worldwide. Many times when an artist releases their first album, you see many things that are wrong or need to be improved; not the case with “Zendaya.” Splattered with dance-pop anthems like “Replay” and “Fireflies,” her self-titled album also has smooth and catchy songs like “Bottle You Up” and “Love You Forever”. Zendaya also proves she isn’t only about pop with the hip-hop track “My Baby.”

Another note about Zendaya: her voice is absolutely incredible. There’s been an abundance of stars in the industry with decent voices, but her's is unparalleled. Her voice may sound processed in some of the her recorded tracks, but listening to the acoustic versions, it’s obvious that she actually does have an amazing voice, no processing required. 


We can only hope Zendaya is working on her second album and will go out on tour soon!

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