RRU Mgmt Artist Ben Mader Premieres New Video "Don't Know How to Dance" on Vevo

(Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up)

Ben Mader released the music video for his hit song, “Don’t Know How to Dance,” on Vevo this morning, off his debut EP Lost in the Moment.  The music video takes place in a bowling alley with a few of Mader’s close friends, Andrew and Nick, who make appearances throughout the video. The bowling alley location added a vibe parallel to the party atmosphere of the song because of the colorful lighting effects and relativity to Mader’s normal going out routine. Upbeat, fun scenes fill the video including a large dance party in the evening. Bright, neon colors compliment the tone of the video and particularly the playful lyrics of the song itself. The vibe of the song came immediately, but many changes went into the vocal overlays and final sound of the recorded version. “Don’t Know How to Dance” is Mader's first original music video. The combination of romance between Mader and the lead woman with the dance party atmosphere creates an enjoyable experience for any pop fan viewer. 

Watch "Don't Know How to Dance" on Vevo below: