Album Review: K Camp's "Only Way Is Up" Album Promises Mainstream Success

(Interscope Records)

K Camp’s upcoming album release, Only Way is Up, includes some of the most iconic names in the hip-hop industry. Snoop Dogg and Fetty Wap are only two of the featured artists who stamp their recognizable tone onto the album. The general vibe of the album is comparative to other modern day rap: the main themes are parties and girls but the songs are smoother than other artists’ that include almost a shouting intensity. 

In “Rolling,” with Snoop Dogg, K Camp delivers a song typical to a seasoned featured artist such as Snoop Dogg. “Rolling down the street with my shades on sippin’ on gin and juice” becomes the opening catchy line that sets the mellow tone for the rest of the song. It compliments Snoop Dogg’s laidback rap vibe that is unique in the industry. As a listener, you could almost lie down and close your eyes while listening to “Rolling” in order to daydream or be transported to whatever street K Camp is rolling down. For a featured artist such as Snoop Dogg, this musical decision makes sense but also highlights the relaxed vibe of Only Way is Up.

In addition to Snoop Dogg, K Camp features the growing star, Fetty Wap, on a later track in the album. As far as the rap business is concerned, Fetty Wap is one of the hottest artists who’s unique sound has consistently blown up the charts. Everybody seems to want Fetty Wap on his album, and the success follows. K Camp’s collaboration is successful; “1Hunnid” is more upbeat than other songs on the album and adds a flavorful punch as the tracks come to a close. Fetty Wap is extremely recognizable in his feature. Much like Snoop Dogg, both artists are popular because of their different tones, and K Camp’s usage of the stars helps advance himself as an artist.

One other song that sticks out is “Lil Bit.” This is the perfectly placed pregame song that everyone should have on the going out playlist. Using the phrase “lil bit,” K Camp raps, “Drink a lil bit, smoke a lil bit, pop a lil bit, let’s get fucked up.” Though the lyrics are not much different than from what one would normally hear on the rap charts, the beat and lyrics are exactly what our popular culture looks forward to hearing before a night out. This one could be the radio hit off of the album, as it is catchy as well as a pump-up song for college kids across the country.

Only Way is Up album includes features and catchy lyrics that should make its release a success. The features are artists that are not only well known, but they rap in recognizable tones that will draw fans in. In addition, the lyrics contain hooks and party-related phrases that will have listeners adding K Camp’s songs to their playlists. Only Way is Up is a great album title for an artist like K Camp who’s new album will simply heighten his stardom.