Album Review: Chris Brown & Tyga Strike Balance in Joint "Fan Of A Fan" Project

(RCA Records)

Chris Brown and Tyga joined forces on Breezy's Between The Sheets tour and now they're joining forces again on their joint album "Fan Of A Fan." The album is appealing to fans of both artists with Brown's smooth vocals sustaining the album throughout. Tracks like "Nothin Like Me" and "Ayo" are tracks that could easily get mainstream airplay (with "Ayo" currently on radio-repeat). It's not surprising that the album features guest spots from artists such as Fifty Cent on "I Bet," where he drops a few verses to up the ante.  Most of the tracks are higher energy but there are a couple slower ones. "Better," which is a Tyga led track, and "Lights Out" are two of those. Despite being a little slower, the beat is still catchy, making them worth a listen. The album transitions smoothly from track to track, making it an easy listening experience. There's no need to skip tracks because they're awful or boring. "Fan Of A Fan" is one of those albums that is definitely worth adding to your library. It's a collaboration between two hard-hitting artists that shows off both of their talents equally and proves that whether you love or hate Chris Brown, there's no denying he's one of the best in the industry.

"Fan Of A Fan" is out February 24th on iTunes and retailers worldwide.