Big Sean Gets Emotional in New Song from "Dark Sky Paradise"

(Def Jam)

With Big Sean's "Dark Sky Paradise" slated to be released on February 24th, his new single "One Man Can Change the World" featuring Kanye West and John Legend (who each take a turn singing the chorus) is destined to be a chart topper. It's an emotional single that is reflective of Big Sean's relationship with his deceased grandmother. The song features a smooth piano beat that is both relaxing and yet holds your attention throughout thanks to Sean's vocal abilities. Big Sean reflects on his grandmother, life and the lessons and advice he has received along the way on each verse, making clear the impact the woman had on his life. One specific piece that sticks out from the rest of the track is the fact Sean uses real recordings of his grandmother saying goodbye. It's rare to find such an emotionally charged song especially nowadays when many of them similar the same or focuses on the same subjects. "One Man Can Change The World " is definitely worth a listen whether you're a hip hop fan or not. 

Listen and purchase "One Man Can Change The World" on iTunes by clicking here.