Concert Review: Neon Trees at House of Blues Boston

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Be it due to the stunning stage, the good-humored musicians, or the particularly lively audience, Neon Trees left Boston's House of Blues electrified.

The show began with openers Nightmare and the Cat and Small Pools.  Both of which, in their own unique way, primed the audience for the full Neon Trees experience.

The band began in silhouette, starting with a huge white cloth draped between the audience and the stage.  The curtain dropped, revealing a stunningly vibrant (and needless to say, neon) stage. While daunting to look at, the stage and lighting effects refused to dominate.  The focus stayed on the music, as it should.

Lead singer Tyler Glenn commands the stage through his spot-on vocals, connection to the audience, and inability to sit still.  Ranging from playful and fun to sensual and seductive, Glenn's dancing never missed a beat.  Glenn opens himself up to the audience, speaking of the struggles of his teenage years and his current, newfound happiness.

Highlights from the show include a cute duet between Glenn and drummer Elaine Bradley, a soul-crushing bass synth, and a (dare I say it) perfect rendition of "Where is my Mind" by the Pixies.

Overall, the night was a blast.  Few bands will ever be able to boast an energy like that exuded by Neon Trees.  Concerts rarely get any more exciting or fun.


Note:  Check back later for photos from the event!