Imogen Heap: New Album, New Baby, and Boundless Creativity

Imogen Heap has spent the last three years working on her new "Sparks" album, with the release date (August 19th) fast approaching.  For those who don't know, Imogen (or "Immi" for short) is an independent electro-alternative artist.  She is most widely known for her Grammy-nominated "Hide and Seek".  Heap's music boasts unique vocals, airy filter sweeps, and a generous helping of ingenuity.

For the past few months, Immi has been keeping her beloved "Heapsters" up-to-date through her Sparks vBlogs.  These have offered fans a genuine glimpse into the creative process gearing up for the release of the album.  Heap talks about her exciting new gestural glove controllers, which will be a crucial part of future performances.  She even makes it personal, cleverly revealing her pregnancy!

Heap works hard to keep her fans invested and in-tune with her music.  From last year's release of "Telemiscommunications" featuring deadmau5 to heap's hosting of a tea party/listening for box-set purchasers, Immi keeps her fans satisfied and in the know.  In as many ways as one can imagine, Imogen Heap is on a role.  Look to Roman's Rap-Up for future updates and tour dates.