Album Review: Kehlani Gets Personal on Long Awaited Album "SweetSexySavage"

(Atlantic Records)

SweetSexySavage, the long-awaited debut album from R&B songstress Kehlani, was released Friday. The album follows a long list of singles, and of course, the Grammy nominated mixtape, You Should Be Here, which was released in 2015 to much critical acclaim. The much anticipated album, which announces her presence in powerful and raw ways, boasts lyrics dealing with love and embraces the notion of being a sweet, sexy, and savage woman.

The lengthy track listing of eighteen songs offer appealing in-house production and catchy lyrics that draw in the listener. In the “Intro”, Kehlani brings in an uncredited woman who recites words from her heart, which is a common theme that follows throughout the album. She tackles her emotional past, life lessons, and how she has found herself. “Keep On" addresses how she feels about a guy who takes her back after all she has put him through. "Piece Of Mind" shows her trying to distance herself from all the stress and feelings that go into relationships.

The sexy songs "Distraction" and "Undercover" provide hits fit for the radio and boast strong vocals and repetitive verses. The album also offers "CRZY," which gives an unapologetic outlook of how the young singer deals with negativity, and how she sees a silver lining. The Savage comes out in the songs, "Not Used To It," "Too Much," and "Do U Dirty," where she sings in a more lewd and raunchy way.

The record showcases sweet and intimate ballads like "Everything Is Yours", "Escape," "Personal," and "Hold Me By The Heart", where she puts it all on the line and delves into the romantic love aspect of life. She thanks her fans in the emotional song "Thank You" and ends on the silky R&B song, "I Wanna Be."

SweetSexySavage is a phenomenal debut album that solidifies Kehlani’s place in the music industry. Coming out from a year full of drama, including cheating rumors, and a suicide attempt, this project shows that regardless of your situation, you can turn it around for the better. With SweetSexySavage, Kehlani created a passion-filled album that reveals a fragile, yet strong and confident artist who is destined to rise to the top.

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