Coldplay Brings Colorful "Head Full Of Dreams" Tour To Gillette Stadium

Coldplay performs at Gillette Stadium on July 30th, 2016 (Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up).

Coldplay brought their "Head Full of Dreams" tour to Massachusetts's Gillette Stadium Saturday night. Much like their new album and peace & love morals represent, the show was full of color. The light up bracelets that Taylor Swift recently used for her 1989 tour appeared at the show, and the crowd lit up in technicolor on-beat to Coldplay's songs throughout the show. It was perfect for such a vibrant album; the band played oldies such as "Yellow" while the crowd lit up a soft yellow, and their new hit "Adventure of a Lifetime" brought a ripple of colors throughout the crowd. 

In addition to the bracelets, Coldplay brought other technological advances to the concert realm that brought energy and happiness to the crowd. Fireworks, confetti, and balloons also appeared during certain songs. Chris Martin also made sure to take moments between performances to give thanks to his bandmates as well as spread good vibes to the audience and the world. This happy, peaceful moral standing is something that is always comforting to see, as Coldplay's audience is large, so the positive use of their public platform is an honorable industry move. While Coldplay also made sure to play other new hits such as "Hymn for the Weekend," noted for featuring Beyoncé, they also appealed to the crowd with "Viva la Vida" and "Clocks." Their instrumental skills in coordination with Martin's erratic energy and vocal chords make Coldplay a band that continues to grow and isn't close to fading away. 

Coldplay is a band that uses new developments such as the bracelets to their advantage, but not so much that it overshadowed their strong sound or covered up a weak sound. There's a fear that concerts nowadays stray too far away from the basic vocals and instrumentals. However, Coldplay's "Head Full of Dreams" tour is a good example of how these developments can help make singing songs into full, interactive performances that only enhance an artist's sound instead of distract from it.