Album Review: 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne's Collaborative Album, "ColleGrove"

Superstars 2 Chainz And Lil Wayne Announce New Duo "ColleGrove" (PRNewsFoto/Def Jam Recordings)

2 Chainz released his new album ColleGrove in collaboration with Lil Wayne. The cover of the album is notable, for it is a close up of 2 Chainz’s face with his eyes closed, combined with Wayne's face tattoos. The eerie, powerful cover forebodes a strong mix of talent in the album. The content is similar to the common string of hip-hop music; songs share titles such as “Smell like Money” and “100 Joints,” 2 Chainz’s hit off the album. Girls, money, and drugs weave themselves through the album much like the high majority of the hip-hop on the radio. Though the content is nothing unique, the sounds of 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne that have made them both megastars resonate through the tracks for the combination of their futuristic tones and deep voice.

One song specific to 2 Chainz that does not include Lil Wayne is “MFN Right.” The vibe of the song is almost Caribbean, as there is a laidback, Bob Marley-esque beat to it. The pace of the song is almost too slow; very different from the typical pace of a rap song. The hook, “Told a bitch you motherfucking right,” dances between the relaxed Caribbean sounds that creates a mocking feel to whoever 2 Chainz is throwing this song at. Another song by solely 2 Chainz, “100 Joints,” shows up deep in the album’s list. This is arguably his hit off the album. 2 Chainz sings more in this song than previously heard; it has a flowy, consistent tone that is similar to “MFN Right” because both carry the tune through due to a lighthearted ease to the beat, whether it carries island influence or not. 

Lil Wayne makes a large impact in this album, as he features on most of the songs. Out of the thirteen, Lil Wayne appears on eight. He adds a nice contrast to 2 Chainz’s deeper, simple rap tone due to Lil Wayne’s unique, higher-pitched, futuristic rap sound. In “Rolls Royce Weather Every Day,” 2 Chainz begins the song with aggression. Lil Wayne’s verses switch up the rap and give the listener a new feel to pay attention to. Lil Wayne raps, “I’m just doing it too big on these tiny niggas. I been lost my fuckin’ mind, I never mind these niggas.” He finishes the song, as well, with a brilliant lyric, “I do me and love it, I done overdid it.” Lil Wayne’s ego in combination with his particular vocal tone that can be recognized anywhere makes him a great addition to 2 Chainz’s album. The combination of these two on the album is a great idea, as they allow their fans to hear complimentary yet very different sides to a hip-hop sound. It almost doesn’t allow the listener to get bored because there is a constant switch up in keep the listener engaged. 

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