Album Review: K. Michelle Solidifies 'Queen of R&B' Title on 3rd Studio Album "More Issues Than Vogue"

(Atlantic Records) 

K. Michelle dropped her new album More Issues Than Vogue earlier today. It cover art accurately represents the overall mood of the album. Its fun, abstract art displaying pink and black-and-white writing represents the sassy, upbeat music that K. Michelle has created for her fans. K. Michelle is blowing up a pink bubblegum bubble on the cover with a man trapped inside of it; behind the zoomed-up scene are words describing the “issues” that the album title hints at. It’s ballsy while also maintaining a girly vibe. Much like the attitude that K. Michelle displays in the album, More Issues Than Vogue displays a strong, feminine front to the R&B world.

“Make the Bed” featuring Jason Derulo is a potential breakout radio hit off of the album. First, Jason Derulo is famous for creating fun, catchy hits much like rapper Flo Rida. The chorus repeats, “Why do we, why do we, why do we make the bed when we know we’re going to mess it up again?” It’s very flirty; it certainly is a love story or hook up story between Derule and Michelle. The fun and flirty lyrics match quick and upbeat tones that together create a perfect spring radio hit. Look out for the song on the mainstream stations. 

“These Men” demonstrate a more serious, sensual side to K. Michelle than “Make the Bed.” Though this song does not carry the radio sound that “Make the Bed” does, it better demonstrates her vocal ability in the R&B realm. The tempo is slower accompanied by snaps in the background. Her vocal range is prevalent. She sings, “These men, they don’t know nothin’ ‘bout love.” It is a plea for a man to step up and save her from her cynicism that she sings throughout the song. Her tone is adamant; it matches the emotion in the lyrics. The listener gets a hint of the Jennifer Hudson qualities in her voice. In addition, later in the song, Michelle gives a speech that emphasizes are sassy attitude that is part of her artistic identity. 

More Issues Than Vogue shows a well-rounded portrayal of the R&B artist. It includes upbeat, quick songs in addition to slower ballads that demonstrate her vocal qualities. K. Michelle is not an artist to take lightly; expect to hear hits from this album on mainstream radio as she continues to grow upwards.