EXCLUSIVE: Rocky From R5 Talks New Tour, "Sometime Last Night" Album, & More

(Hollywood Records)

(Hollywood Records)

Los Angeles-based band R5 is on the road this summer for the "Sometime Last Night" tour to promote its record by the same name. In an interview ahead of their show at the House Of Blues in Boston, guitarist Rocky Lynch spoke about the tour, new music, and life on the road.

"The tour's been awesome. We love being on tour. We love playing shows. Its always nice to kinda get out of LA for a little. We actually, uh, we lived in a house together while we were on tour but we moved out of it now so we're all homeless," he joked.

Luckily, the band is playing some pretty amazing venues and locations while on tour. Though they enjoy each place they visit, Rocky says that the Bahamas was definitely his favorite place to perform so far. 

"I really liked playing in the Bahamas. We played in the Bahamas for the Fourth of July. It was a free show on the beach and right when we finished the show a ton of fireworks went off. There was like a big fireworks show after our set. It was really cool. The ocean was right there while we played. Kinda liked those beach vibes," he said.

The Band's first album went to number one on iTunes in ten countries, but all that success still seems strange to Rocky.

"It's just crazy. Just the fact we can play the venues we're playing right now and that people are buying our album and it just came out... the fact that we have fans that come see us live... it just all feels surreal. Like it hasn't really sunk in yet. We're still small fish compared to what some people are doing but we're on the top of the world right now. It's awesome," he explained.

The new album, "Sometime Last Night," is different from the prior R5 album mainly because it was written by the band with fans in mind. Forget all the swanky producers send writers. R5 decided to hole themselves up in their garage and write what they felt was good music. In addition to writing it themselves, Rocky said that the sound is more mature and has grown along with the band.

"It's a little bit different than our first album... it's a little more funky," Rocky said. "We find that we write and work better when it's just us. A lot of writers want to write a single to make money, but when we're writing in our garage... we're not really thinking where the songs will end up. We're just thinking of what sounds cool."

"I hope the fans just enjoy listening to it and just really like it," Rocky explained.

With that mindset, R5 will definitely go far in their career; after all it's the fans who allow the band to do what they do.

R5 plays Boston's House of Blues tonight, get your tickets here. For all other tour dates, you can get your tickets by clicking here.

Check out the official audio for the interview, including Rocky answering some fan questions from Twitter, below: