New Artist Spotlight: St. Louis Rapper JR Mixes Passion with Satisfaction

    Hot on the music scene is JR, with his musical talent and personal charm. The St. Louis native recently premiered his new music video for his single "I'm Just Sayin," off his mixtape No Filter which will be released soon. "'IJS' isn't about what I want it to be. Its just organic, it's relatable for everybody; so it's more about what it means to them,” the rapper tells Roman’s Rap-Up.

    When JR got into the music scene, his passion for music grew. "I've always loved music since I was a kid," says the artist, "Once I learned how to make my own from scratch, I was hooked." With his music, he hopes to "touch at least one person enough make them a better them" and to ensure his kids' futures. "I get my inspiration from my kids, regardless if I make another record or not, they're going to love me. So I go hard for them,” he tells. 

    JR has since received a lot of positive feedback from popular artists such as Trey Songz, but says, "I wouldn’t compare myself to anybody. Even within a business such as the music industry, which feeds off and recycling and renewing, I focus on perfecting MY craft and controlling my lane." However, he would be open to collaborating with other artists. "I dont have any favorites but I'm open to work with anybody if it makes sense. As long as it comes with a big record," he gleams. As for performing, JR is "ready to see the world." An artist with his goals leading the way, his eyes are set on the prize: success.