EXCLUSIVE: The Vamps Talk About Touring & More in Q&A

The Vamps performing in Boston, MA on August 17th, 2014 (Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up).

We recently did an EXCLUSIVE Q&A session with British-upcomers The Vamps (who are also on tour with Austin Mahone). 

Read the Q&A below:

Q: So you guys aren't from the U.S, what's it like touring in another country?

A: It’s a lot of fun here! We are used to touring in the UK where everything is close by but the USA is so huge! One day we are in scorching sun in Phoenix and the next we are up in the cool Denver mountains. It’s pretty amazing. - Brad

Q: What's your favorite part about touring?

A: The shows are always the best. We love going to new places and meeting fans but the performance is always our favourite.  - Tris 

Q: Where did the name "The Vamps" come from?

A: We were throwing a few names around and The Vamps was one of them. We were rushing to put a video up and had to choose so we just went with it. We didn’t expect the video to blow up so fast on Youtube. There are loads of crazy theories behind the meaning but it was actually just pretty random. It’s weird how it quickly grows on you and you become The Vamps! -Brad

Q: How did you guys all meet?

A: I started a solo acoustic artist. I found Brad doing covers on Youtube and really liked his voice. We met up and started writing together. Tristan added us on Facebook - he claims he just wanted more friends. We saw a video of him drumming and loved it so asked him to come write with us. We started putting covers up and practicing in Tristans garage. We wanted a bass player so we could play everything live and found Con on Youtube doing pop punk covers. He was really quiet at first but now he won’t shut up! haha -James

Q: What is one thing nobody knows about The Vamps?

A: Haha we get this question a lot so it’s hard to keep thinking of new things. Do you know that when we have to get grooming for big TV’s we all only take 10 mins for a little touch up except Tris who needs 45mins to make his hair into his massive mohawk? -Con