ALBUM REVIEW: Jennifer Lopez Comes In Strong With 10th Album

Source: Capitol Records

Source: Capitol Records

It’s been almost three years since Billboard icon Jennifer Lopez last came out with a new album (her last album, “Love?”, came out in 2011). Now, 3 years later, J.Lo is back with the fierce “A.K.A”. Read on for a track-by-track review of our favorite songs off of the album. 


The album opens with title track, A.K.A. Right of the bat, Lopez wants you to know that “this is not the girl you used to know.” Setting up for the rest of the album to be different from her others, J.Lo sings “you don’t know me now.” An extremely catchy dance track, A.K.A is sure to be a hit in your car’s speakers.

First Love

Next up is one of the album’s first singles, First Love. In a recent Q&A interview we had with J.Lo, she described love as the main inspiration behind most of the songs on the album, and this is no exception. Another dance track, Lopez sings, “I wish you were my first love / Cause if you were my first / Baby there wouldn't have been no second, third or fourth love.”

Never Satisfied

The “On The Floor” singer slows things down for the third track, Never Satisfied. Lopez sings about how she is never satisfied with the love her man is giving her, always leaving her wanting more. She sings “I'm going crazy / For more of your love.” Who could she be talking about?

I Luh Ya Papi

Perhaps one of the most promoted singles off of “A.K.A,”,\ I Luh Ya Papi comes in as track #4, and enlists the help of French Montana. The video for the song was considered game-changing by many. In a typical hip hop video, there is always an abundance of almost-naked women, dancing around men wearing gold chains. In the video for I Luh Ya Papi, J.Lo goes against that image, instead opting for almost-naked men to dance around her. See what all the talk is about below:

Acting Like That

With Australian-rapper Iggy Azalea in tow, Lopez describes her ideal relationship failing. She sings, “Baddest bitch in the world right here / You ain’t even gotta go nowhere / Boy you better watch the way you walk.” Seems like there is a bit of drama brewing!


In our recent interview with Jennifer Lopez, she notes that this is her favorite track off the new album. She describes it as “a beautiful love [song] that has a lot of soul and R&B undertones.” Lopez sings “It's the same old thing, not a damn thing changed / You’re playing games, playing games.” Whoever this song is about, sounds like she is done with him!

Worry No More

My personal favorite from “A.K.A”, Worry No More enlists the help of MMG-rapper Rick Ross. With a smooth, R&B vibe, Lopez sings about wanting to have a worry-free relationship, wanting her lover to “Do anything that you can / To make me feel so protected.” Ross portrays his respect for J.Lo, rapping, “Dance like a star, ass shake like a car / She really something special I can tell from afar.”

Other standout tracks are the “twerk-worthy” song Booty, featuring Pitbull and Same Girl featuring French Montana. 

“A.K.A” proves to be a strong 10th album for the latina-superstar, and is available now worldwide. Be sure to get it on iTunes!