Credit: Stian Anderson/Warner Bros. Records

Credit: Stian Anderson/Warner Bros. Records

Ever heard of two singers by the name of Nico and Vinz? If you haven't, here's why you should get to know them:

Their path to fame started in 2010 at the Emergenza Festival. Shortly after, they were signed by Warner Bros. Records and gained worldwide recognition. From there, the rest was history.

In 2013, they released their new single, “Am I Wrong.” The video for the song was filmed in Botswana, Africa, and it stands out with one thing that most artists don’t have: positivity. The video doesn’t showcase sexy, half-naked women, or larger-than-life houses, but instead focuses on the positive side of countries in Africa. Running with happy children and dancing with locals, they show that the continent that receives so much negative attention actually does have a hugely positive side to it. Because of their efforts in Africa, Nico and Vinz were selected to perform at the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Concert.

Take a listen and watch their music video for “Am I Wrong” below, and see what all the talk is about: