CONCERT REVIEW: Justin Timberlake Delivers Electrifying Performance in Boston

Credit: Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up

Credit: Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up

An arena full of over 13,000 screaming fans, all for one man.

That was the scene Thursday night when Justin Timberlake brought his sold-out "20/20 Experience World Tour" to the TD Garden in Boston. When he took the stage around 8:30, you could feel his presence from anywhere in the arena. In fact, after “Pusher Love Girl”, the singer just stood in the middle of the massive stage while everyone cheered for him. Once he introduced his huge hit “TKO” a few songs in, everyone went even more berserk for the Tennessee star.

Credit: Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up

Credit: Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up

Every concert has spectacular singing and dancing (including this one), but the thing that really separated the “20/20 Experience” tour was the connection Justin Timberlake had with his fans. When singing songs like “Cry Me A River”, “Mirrors” (more on that later), and other slow ballads, Timberlake actively invited singing from the audience, and often stopped to soak up the energy.

Resiliency, not just in America, but this town, it really moved me.... I love you guys.
— Justin Timberlake

Halfway through the show, the former N-Sync star’s stage rose up, and travelled to the back of the arena while he sang “Let The Groove Get In”. From there, he was able to see the “real Boston”, and to give all of the fans that might not have had such a great view of him when he was upfront a chance to see him up close. There, he commented on last year’s Marathon Bombing, saying “Resiliency, not just America, but this town, it really moved me.... I love you guys”. The Boston crowd went even more insane, but more importantly, it showed how much JT cared. I’ve attended numerous Boston events since last April, and Justin is the only one to touch upon it. In fact, the singer even made a toast to Boston Strong.

Timberlake continued the nearly 3-hour set singing hits like "Take Back The Night", "Suit and Tie", and the old classic "Sexyback". But perhaps my favorite moment of the night was when he sang his 2013 hit ‘Mirrors’ at the end of the show. The energy in the room was simply amazing-he had every fan singing along with him.

Justin Timberlake’s "20/20 Experience World Tour" is a show like no other. A moving stage, incredible effects, and extraordinary vocals make for a memorable night. No review can do the connection Justin has to his fans justice, it just has to be experienced. It truly was a ’20/20 Experience’.

Didn’t get to see the "20/20 Experience World Tour" this time around? He’s coming back! Catch him at the TD Garden this summer on July 19th.

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