Roman's Rap-Up's 2014 Artist of the Year: August Alsina

(Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up)

What a year 2014 has been for the music industry. So many great new artists have been discovered, like Meghan Trainor, Sam Smith and so many more. New Orleans-born August Alsina is no exception. 

At the young age of only 22, Alsina has already done more than artists twice his age could only imagine. In 2014 alone, he was the supporting act for 2 Chainz, Usher and Chris Brown’s U.S. tours, not to mention embarking on a sold-out headlining tour, “Testimony Live,” all while being in the studio and releasing his debut album, “Testimony.” 

(Benjamin Esakof/Roman's Rap-Up)

Alsina is also known for keeping it real in his music. Growing up in New Orleans, his brother was killed when he was only 18, which is reflected in his lyrics. When we talked to the “Numb” rapper in September, he said, “we just living this life, it’s about finding and knowing a way to come out of a situation that you don’t want to be in.” Alsina describes his story as “the same as rest of the people in the hood, poverty, ghetto, just in the world,” which is what makes him so relatable to his fans, also known as #AlsinaNation.

Speaking of #AlsinaNation, something that sets this artist apart is his extremely loyal fan base. During our interview with Alsina, when asked about something that none of his fans know about him, he responded by saying that his fans “lurk and know a whole lot.” We asked on Twitter what his fans specifically liked about him:

“I don't know a proper way of saying it but his music is a story and even if you haven't gone through exactly what he's gone through you can still relate to his story. Basically, he's an all around dope person lol”  -Valencia of Boston

“Well I'll just say that Aug IS artist of the year in my eyes! He doesn't need the title to be given to him but since that's what's happened I'll say that he deserves it because he's progressed like no other artist in this year alone. I can actually go on and on but I'll focus on just one reason which is the fact that a song (“I Luv This Shit”) that "they" said wouldn't make it went Platinum & Gold. That's nothing but talent & God all in one. August is a great artist who sings about his life which is something so many people even myself can relate to, he's inspiring, sensational & a great spirit.” -- @Shes_ABeautie_ 

“He's the voice of the people.”  -@AAlsinaStan

This is only the beginning for August Alsina. He’s already sold out his entire UK leg of his “Testimony Live” tour, not to mention booking many other club gigs across the globe. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a sophomore album too in 2015.

We’ve chosen August Alsina as the Roman’s Rap-Up 2014 Artist of the Year. Congratulations to August and the entire #AlsinaNation!