UPDATED: "Beyoncé: The Visual Album"

Credit: Columbia Records

Credit: Columbia Records

UPDATE 12/17: Apple released a press release regarding sales of the album, and it's absolutely incredible. In the first 3 days of the "Beyoncé" being on sale, it has sold over 828,773 copies- and that's just on iTunes. The album is also #1 in 104 countries. Go Queen B!

If anyone ever asked me if it would be possible to release an album out of the blue, without any prior leaks or knowledge from the public, my answer would have been no. Last Friday, however, none other than Beyoncé proved it to be possible. When I awoke Friday morning at 6:30, I checked Twitter and saw that there was a firestorm of tweets reading “Beyoncé released new album out of nowhere”. Seeing these, I instantly went to the iTunes store and bought it. There went my Friday.

Listening left me speechless. Not only are there 14 new songs, there are also 17 new music videos. Some of my favorites include the extremely sentimental “Heaven”, the Jay Z collaboration “Drunk in Love” and “Mine” featuring Drake. But these heavy hitting collabs were not enough for the Queen. Her song “Blue” features… Blue Ivy? Thats right. Beyoncé had her daughter record parts for the song—so adorable. I feel, though, that “Flawless” should be the last track on the list as the main verse “Bow Down Bitches” is the vibe that is emitted from the album, and for good reason.

Find 30 second clips of all the videos off of her “Visual Album” below. And, if you haven’t already, purchase the iTunes exclusive by going here.