Lady Gaga's New Album "Artpop" Now Available

The time has finally come for new music from Lady Gaga! Her newest album, "Artpop", is available globally today, and while I like the vibe and feel of "Born This Way", I do like most of the music off of this album. Stand out tracks include "G.U.Y", "Swine", "Donatella", "Gypsy", and "Applause". Songs like "Venus" and "Fashion"  have a strange vibe in my opinion, but I'm sure they will grow on me the more I listen like "Applause" did when it was released back in August. But the thing is, I like fact that Gaga is trying (and succeed) to sound different than the other pop artists, which is what makes "Artpop" stand out from the rest.

Listen to some of the music off "Artpop" below and be sure to check it out on iTunes!