Miley Cyrus "Bangerz" Album Review

Thats right: today is the day that Miley Cyrus’ new album, “Bangerz” is released. This is the singer’s debut album (more on that below) and it doesn’t disappoint.

Credit: RCA Records

Credit: RCA Records

The thing is, “Bangerz” is actually Cyrus’ 4th studio release, with this one being the first one with RCA Records. The reason I call this her debut album is because it's the first album with the real Miley Cyrus. With all of her other albums, she was still under contract with Disney, and was forced to create the music that agreed with the “Disney image”, and the difference is evident with this album.

 Below is a run down of three of my favorite tracks:

 Wrecking Ball:

This is one that I had to start out with because I think it is one of the deepest, most meaningful songs on the list. Some may watch the video and say “Wow, how messed up is Miley Cyrus, licking a hammer and swinging around naked” and they couldn’t be more wrong. The song is all about how stripped and bare Cyrus is. Her swinging and the walls breaking is symbolic of her breaking through the “wall” of her old image, going back and forth until it is fully broken.  The media gives her such a hard time for her trying to be herself that she is in turn empty, and naked. Why the wrecking ball and hammer? This is the only way she can truly show us who Miley Cyrus is, by coming in with a ‘bang’. There, now you can watch the video with the right state-of-mind.

Miley also performed “Wrecking Ball” when she hosted SNL last weekend:

Still can’t get enough of “Wrecking Ball”? Watch the extremely emotional directors cut below:

Another very meaningful song off of the album is “Maybe You’re Right”. In this track, Miley sings about how perhaps her significant other’s opinion (Liam Hemsworth?) is correct. Cyrus argues that “You can’t blame me for who I am”. Could this be about the breakup of her and Liam?

Perhaps the most liberating track on the album is the first single, “We Can’t Stop”. While there are references in the song about drugs “tryin to get a line in the bathroom”,  there is an underlying message, “we won’t stop”. Miley is going to keep doing what she is doing, and keep being her self, and it is clear that nobody can stop her, no matter what they say.

 Unfortunately, because of the fact that Miley has had to grow up under the media’s constant watch, we as the consumers have much more material to use in comparison. While I do agree that her VMA’s performance was raunchy, nobody would have thought anything of it if Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga performed something like that. The fact that it’s Miley Cyrus, the once fake and bubbly Hannah Montana, makes everyone think she is going crazy. Well, this is the real, uncensored Miley Cyrus.

"Bangerz" is available now on iTunes.