New Music: "Motivation" - Jamesthemormon

"Motivation"'s music video by Jamesthemormon, a Utah rapper who is well known in the state, includes many famous faces like the head coach of BYU football, the tattooed Mormon (Al Fox), and traditional Maori "Haka" dancers. These culturally relevant faces to Utah help raise the video to a wider audience while grounding its roots in his home state. The rap in the song is slow and heavy, filling in the intense vibe of a song whose message is parallel to its title: motivation. His first official album dropped April 17th titled "I'm not a rapper," a paradoxical title for an artist whose sound seems to fall near hip-hop. His social medias are as follows:

Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram - @jamesthemormon

James' album is available on iTunes and Spotify -
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