Austin Mahone Premieres New Music Video with Sage The Gemini

Austin Mahone released his music video "Put It On Me" featuring rapper Sage the Gemini exclusively on Apple Music. The video is solely in black and white taking place in a skylit room with patterned walls that accentuate the nonexistent color in the video. Mahone dances with a beautiful girl throughout most of the song after he plugs into the recording of "Put It On Me." Sage the Gemini makes a brief appearance for his solo verse and combines with Mahone at the end of the video. Though the rapper is present, the focus is on the vibes between Mahone and his sexy female partner, as they dance on and around each other for most of the scenes. The video definitely shows an attempt at a maturing side of Mahone since he appeared on Taylor Swift's Red Tour a few years back. For the fans, look to see a progression similar to Justin Bieber's growth in the coming years for the young pop star.

Watch the Gil Green-directed visuals on Apple Music above.