Ben Mader stepped into the music spotlight, performing shows and recording originals and remixes, in the midst of 2014. Attending school during the week, Mader performed any chance he could on the weekends, anywhere from Boston to Philadelphia. The success of Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” and Timeflies’ electric touring videos inspired Mader’s musical passion as a starting artist. After gaining over 1,000 social media followers from his Youtube video remix of “Listen to Your Heart” within a week or release, Mader began building his breakout year. 

By the closing months of 2014, Mader opened for Republic Records artists Kalin and Myles’ “Chase Dreams Tour” and performed for a crowd of almost 2,000 fans at Digitour’s “Slaybells.” In addition, he released his singles “While We’re Young” and “How You Do It;” the young artist was beginning to mold the tone of his EP, Lost in the Moment, which dropped recently in May 2015. In late May, Mader headlined his EP release show at a club outside of Boston, drawing a large hometown crowd. The EP’s hit “Don’t Know How to Dance” sparked Mader’s first original music video which dropped in September 2015. Though “Don’t Know How to Dance” is proves his most successful single, Mader also highlights “Lost in the Moment,” title track of his EP, as the lyrics hold personal value to his journey as an artist. 

The momentum from the EP continued into the summer as Mader performed his favorite show opening for Vine stars Jack and Jack. Mader is currently writing and recording more music than ever before, as well as working on an exciting extended video project. His fans can be certain that there is much more music to come from the young artist as he continues to grow under the spotlight.